4 Artists 20 Questions 2007: Scott Reeder

Name: Scott Reeder
Band(s): Kyuss, The Obsessed, The Freeks
Instrument(s): Bass
Url: http://www.scottreeder.com/

1. When were your rock doors blown wide open?
When I was 4, I got The Beatles “Revolver” for Christmas, and that was all she wrote – I wanted to play drums and grow my hair!

2. What posters were on your bedroom wall in High School?
Tons of Pink Floyd stuff, and punk flyers – that was 1980 thru ’83, so there was some great stuff – Black Flag, Minutemen, Minor Threat, Fear, Circle Jerks, D.O.A.

3. What was your last musical phase?
I’ve been listening to a lot of classical stuff lately – especially in the shower, and while I’m driving. There’s so much amazing stuff that’s just mind bogglingly great – infinitely way beyond pop stuff. Franz Liszt is in my car right now…

4. What was the greatest decade for music?
Late 60’s/early 70’s – lots of groundbreaking stuff that really set the template for everything to come.

5. Favorite local band?
I don’t think there’s one band in my town besides a coupla cover bands that play the watering hole down the road. We’re out in the boonies! There’s a metal band called In Silence from nearby that’s playing out a lot, but I haven’t seen ’em yet…

6. Favorite band name?
Clown Mulch.

7. Favorite Beatle?
When I was 4, it was Ringo, but later, I really appreciated the songwriting of Lennon. Paul has some pretty wicked bass lines, though, and George’s twisted leads – there was a chemistry that’ll never be matched! I’ll stick with John, though!

8. Favorite 420 Train Wreck artist?
Isis. When I was in Butcher, I got to play a coupla shows with those guys, which was a huge honor!

9. Do you name your gear?
Ibanez basses and Ampeg amps. They’ve both been very kind to me over the years.

10. You are stuck on a desert island and can have only one artist’s entire catalog. Whose would it be?
It would be really tough to choose between Pink Floyd or the Beatles… I’ll go with Floyd.

11. Of all the artists in your music collection, by whom do you have the most albums?
Probably Nirvana? They were blowing up right in the middle of Kyuss’ travels, so I picked up rare stuff when I was all over the place.

12. Earthquake! You are allowed into your apartment long enough to save only one CD. What would it be?
That’s tough… probably Pink Floyd “The Wall” – it’s a double album – do I get to take both discs?

13. If you could add only one thing to touring to make it more interesting, what would it be?
Bring my Wife, my Chihuahua, her Pomeranian, and a nanny for the dogs. And our horses… and that’s all I need. And this Thermus, and…

14. What thought or sentiment about music would you like to put in 1 million fortune cookies?
Sing what is in your heart, and not what you think is in the hearts of others.

15. What is something you once forgot that you will never forget again?
Not to rely on just emails to communicate. After my Dad died, I found out that he was too sick to make it up the stairs to his computer, and there where some unopened emails from me. That’ll haunt me forever.

16. Shure or Sennheiser? (singer)

Pearl or Tama? (drummer)

Gibson or Fender? (guitarist)
Fender – I’m a Hendrix freak.

17. Sabbath or solo Ozzy?

18. Whiskey and Rye or Marijuana?
I’d probably hafta go with the booze… Why, are you trying to take everything away?!

19. Who would you want to have do the soundtrack of your life?
Besides myself? Danny Elfman.

20. What song pretty much sums you up?
As I’m Dreamin’ – it’s on my solo record – I started it before Renee and I got married 20 years ago, then the middle section came after Kyuss was over, and the end lullaby thing came at the last minute in the studio, reassuring her that everything’s gonna be fine… then, as it’s fading out, there’s a recording of our 1st dog, Punkin, running in the surf at Pismo Beach at 4 in the morning… I got pretty overcome when I was singing the last bits – I totally lost it for a while. Still hard for me to listen to it without getting choked up.